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Our Services

Our mission is to communicate social and environmental change through accessible and creative visuals, helping to improve participation, increase understanding, see the bigger picture, and progress towards positive change.

benefits of visual communication

Want a creative way to engage your audience? Want to add impact visuals to your website? Or just tired of reading 60-page policy reports? Check out our services below.

Graphic Recording

Real-time drawing at conferences, events, and meetings, visualising the key messages and activities in a combination of drawings, keywords and quotes.

Graphic Facilitation

P4F Retreat Envirovisuals

Graphic facilitation is taking recording one step further, producing a thematic visual so that key messages can be grouped and links can be seen between different topics and talks.


sketchnote envirovisuals

Hosting a more intimate event or workshop? Sketchnotes are smaller real-time visuals that can be done literally anywhere – in a board meeting, a cramped conference room, on the Tube (okay maybe not).

Illustrations & Infographics

NFU illustration

We offer hand-drawn illustrations and infographics which can be digitalised after production. Illustrations have been used for fundraising proposals, logos, flow charts, and life story visuals.

We like to get creative – if you don’t see a service that suits here but think we could make something work, get in touch! I have even used paper table-cloths at dining events for people to draw on as they listen to talks!

Get involved

Interested? Get in touch via our Contact Us page and get in touch. Below are just some of the great organisations we have worked with.

“The vibrancy of Envirovisuals’ work brings to life the sessions that UpRisers have to learn on their path to becoming leaders, making such lessons easier to remember and more fun!”
Qayum Mannan, UpRising UK

All images are copyright of EnviroVisuals or credit to Hugh Warwick. Logos are from client websites.

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