What is Envirovisuals?

Envirovisuals provides graphic recording, illustration and visual communications on social and environmental change.


Our mission is to visually communicate underrepresented topics and voices in social and environmental change. We have worked with a diversity of organisations, including charities and grassroots campaigns, research and policy institutions, and corporate business.


Graphic Recording
Real-time visual minute taking at conferences and workshops

Graphic Facilitation
Helping others to work visually towards a social or environmental goal

Infographics and Illustration
Educational art for websites, leaflets, logos and policy reports

To see more examples of our work, please visit our our Portfolio.


For each client, we create anย affordable quoteย based on the type of organisation, service required, travel and materials. In your price package, you receive:

  • Pre-event research
  • The service
  • Original graphics
  • Post-event publicity and marketing

Please get in touch with us via ourย Contact page if you are interested.


Envirovisuals has worked with a diverse range of organisations and individuals. Below are just some of our clients.



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