Visual thinking to facilitate social and environmental change.

Our Mission

EnviroVisuals uses art to help individuals and organisations facilitate social and environmental change. Our services include live drawing at events and conferences (graphic recording), illustrations and infographics. Check out EnviroVisual’s portfolio to learn more.

digital live visual of agroecology transitions for the Food, Farming and Countryside Commission
Graphic recording of a farming consultation for The Food, Farming and Countryside Commission

Art is universally understood, and understanding facilitates action. Take icons as an example: either used alone or combined with key words, icons help people to understand what action to take irrespective of language, country or culture.

Infographic for the Children’s Right to Food charter (The Food Foundation)

Many environmental and social topics are complex and global in reach and impact. Communication is often jargon- or statistic- heavy. Art is a powerful tool to improve engagement and understanding: it helps to distill jargon into simple, key messages; and brings everyone involved onto a level playing field, encouraging dialogue and discussions. Most importantly, art helps individuals and organisations to see the key issues, connections and paths forward, facilitating positive and effective change. 

Infographic of the key messages of a wildlife conservation strategy

Behind the pen is Rebecca, who founded EnviroVisuals after seeing the power of visuals in facilitating dialogue between diverse groups in rural India. She has a background in sustainability research and non-profit projects, and has combined this expertise with her passion for art and creative communications.

Rebecca at the Oxford Real Farming Conference 2019, providing live graphic recording
Rebecca providing live graphic recording at the Oxford Real Farming Conference 2019.

Work with EnviroVisuals

If you want EnviroVisuals to provide art to facilitate your environmental or social mission, get in touch via our Contact Us page. Below are some testimonials from previous clients:

“The vibrancy of Envirovisuals’ work brings to life the sessions that UpRisers have to learn on their path to becoming leaders, making such lessons easier to remember and more fun!”
Qayum Mannan, UpRising UK

“Rebecca has been a pleasure to work with – a simple idea was quickly transitioned into an informative, structured and wonderfully appealing visual!”
Martin Callow, Regional Director, Wildlife Conservation Society

“We got in touch with EnviroVisuals to produce illustrations for two campaigns. Rebecca worked to tight deadlines and accommodated any feedback to ensure the final products were exactly what we wanted. The illustrations captured our key messages in a creative, informative and accessible way, and will be used to help us campaign towards a better food system for all”
Jo Ralling, Head of Communications, The Food Foundation

All illustrations and images are copyright of EnviroVisuals.

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