Visual thinking to facilitate social and environmental change.

Our Mission

EnviroVisuals uses visual thinking to improve awareness, learning, participation and facilitate social and environmental change. 

Our services include live drawing (scribing) and graphic facilitation, sketchnoting, illustration, infographics and digital art. Check out EnviroVisual’s portfolio to learn more.

Behind the pen is Rebecca, who founded EnviroVisuals in 2017. Rebecca is passionate about social and environmental change, with experience in research, journalism and education on sustainability.

benefits of visual communication

Work with EnviroVisuals

We collaborate with organisations and individuals working on social and environmental causes, using visual thinking to improve access and engagement, spark new ideas, see connections, and facilitate positive action.

Interested in hiring our services? Get in touch via our Contact Us page and get in touch. Below are just some of the great organisations we have worked with.

“The vibrancy of Envirovisuals’ work brings to life the sessions that UpRisers have to learn on their path to becoming leaders, making such lessons easier to remember and more fun!”
Qayum Mannan, UpRising UK

All illustrations and images are copyright of EnviroVisuals. Logos are from client websites.

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