Envirovisuals is a visual communication service founded by Rebecca Roberts, a young entrepreneur passionate about sustainability and social change.

Rebecca has worked in the international development, non-profit and sustainable food sectors, with her travel and research experience leading to her realising the power of visuals in cross-cultural communication.

Envirovisuals’ mission is to communicate underrepresented topics and voices through art, helping improve access, outreach and empowerment.

Topics could include anything from indigenous land rights all the way to mental health, or from youth employment to plastic pollution. Envirovisuals focuses on thoseΒ who may lack participation in mainstream social and environmental agendas – individuals with illiteracy or cultural barriers, farmers and rural communities, women, young people, ethnic minority groups, climate refugees…

Ultimately, we will be able to visualise the whole picture: the diverse geographies, challenges, successes and voices that all have a right to be seen and heard.


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