What is graphic recording?

Simply put, it is live drawing at conferences, events and meetings, visualising the key messages and outcomes. Imagine a translator simultaneously interpreting one language into another; Envirovisuals does the translation but into visuals.

What is graphic facilitation?

Graphic facilitation is taking recording one step further and actually working with you and others to create the visual process. It is also more thematic so that key messages can be grouped and links can be seen between different topics and talks. It also can allow for greater dialogue, and for the bigger strategic picture to be seen.

Are you professionally trained?

I have a qualification in graphic recording, and have three years experience hosting interactive workshops that use visuals to communicate a message.

Do you work with individuals?

Yes! I have provided graphics for individuals, for business plans, PhD papers, leaflets and websites.

What type of organisation do you work with?

I work with a variety of organisations, from local community groups and charities all the way to internationally known organisations such as The Commonwealth Youth Secretariat. My clients usually fall into the following sectors: education; environment; government; activism and advocacy; research; corporate social responsibility; and think-tanks.

What do you mean by social impact?

To me, social impact is anything that has a positive impact on society or the environment. Plenty of organisations and individuals are now investing in social impact – they are setting up social enterprises or becoming impact investors, or the organisation is starting to prioritise diversity or climate change.

I believe that there is a need for these topics to be highlighted in an accessible way, helping increase the number of people who can get involved in discussions, but also improve the positive impact by provoking dialogue and big picture thinking.

Do you do ever not focus on social impact?

No. I am quite particular about this. I want Envirovisuals to be part of a force for good. Also, I have expertise in social/environmental development and charity work, so can provide accurate graphics which reflect and respect these topics and voices.

This said, social impact includes a huge array of topics. I have done graphics on: food waste, agricultural campaigns, youth engagement in music, diverse recruitment practices, green spaces, refugees and food growing, climate change, media politics, leadership in sustainability, mental health and wellbeing, sustainable cities…

Just send me an email if you want to check out your idea.

Where are you based?

I am based in London, UK. With advanced bookings, I can always travel.

What is your price?

Contact me and I can give you a custom quote.

We don’t have a budget. Can you provide the service for free?

I do not offer services for free, however please get in touch as I provide more affordable, custom-based quotes according to your own needs.

If you have any other questions, please do get in touch.

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