Conversations on Sugar – Slow Food

I provided graphic recordings, real-time, of the Conversations on Sugar event at Slow Food Sussex. Speakers included the founder of Green & Blacks and the Jamie Oliver’s Food Foundation, and the event was focused on the recent and successful Sugar Smart educational campaign in Brighton & Hove.

Pre-event research in visual form


conversations on sugar slow food graphic recording

Post-event graphics (real-time recording)

graphic recording

Craig Sams is the founder of Green & Blacks chocolate. The above graphic shows his journey and his own opinion on sugar within products and within health debates.

jo ralling graphic recording

Jo Ralling is an enthusiastic staff member at the Jamie Oliver’s Food Foundation. Dressed as a vegetable, she gave a talk about the Brighton & Hove Sugar Smart educational campaign.

dan parker graphic recording

Dan Parker talked about his own journey in health and business, how this has shaped his view on sugar, and how marketing can be used to inform and nudge people to make healthier food choices.

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